Skip the guilt-trip

Do you know that feeling when you feel guilty about something out of nowhere or because you did something ‘wrong’ ?

Does this hinder your self-worth and self-growth?

I think that feeling guilty is not necessary for a couple of reasons.

One is that your guilt is coming from a place that feels unworthy or not good enough. You are already good enough, just embrace yourself as you are because that is what you are and you are perfectly fine just as you are. No one can tell you what you are or should be. So stop listening to people who only want you to go down and feel bad about yourself.

Second is that guilt is sort of inherited for no clear reasons and because it has no clear reasons it is useless to feel guilty for something that doesn’t even matter. So stop feeding the guilt-trip and start releasing guilt for that it won’t help you in the long run to become a fulfilled human being.

The opposite of guilt is social awareness. Social awareness is the awareness to see a situation or social setting just as it is.

Start becoming aware of your social situations and see that guilt is not the way to go. It only feeds anxiety and feelings of low self-worth while it pinpoints at something you did or didn’t do in a way that you should feel guilty.

My advise is to stop feeling guilty and start becoming aware of what makes you feel guilty and make sure you don’t have to feel guilty for anything again.

Of course when you do something stupid you may feel guilty but even then it is not necessary. It might be that you did something that does not fit in societies expectations but you will see the results yourself when you did so.

Guilt only keeps you down and makes you feel bad.

Social awareness makes you able to tackle tough situations and to understand situations more as it actually is.

Bye using social awareness you become more sensitive to your outer environment which gives you the power to handle tough situations.

Use your sensitivity to deal with situations and problems and skip the guilt-trip.

Say yes to social awareness.

Say no to the guilt-trip.



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