You know the highway?

Do you really know endless roads we human beings have laid down?

Do you know how not common it is to be able to drive on a hard road which makes you able to drive 130 km a hour?

We human beings laid down a structure which makes us able to move into every direction we want to.

To every city you want to.

To every place of water you want to.

At high speed traveling bye car or bus.

It’s truly incredible.

It truly is.

I cannot tell you how important these roads are.

They are one of the best accomplishments human beings have made.

It is truly amazing to be able to move on the infrastructure that has been made bye previous human beings.

It makes us able to move to every part of planet earth there is.

It is our own rollerfield where you can drive on it with certain rules to obey so that it all happens smoothly.

Even a traffic light is such a clear sign of intelligence in the human race for that it makes communication on the highway so easy.

3 colors, namely red, orange and green to guide you along the way.

Every single human being that can see is able to understand this technology for its practicle use.

It is truly beautiful and amazing to see such a well-structured infrastructure here on earth.


I believe in you humanity, I truly do!



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