Animal Ethics


this post is about animals and how we treat them and what this is doing to our planet and our species.

First I want to show you a short movie about human beings treating and eating animals.

Then I want to share to you my view on it.

So we eat animals since the beginning of time. Why? To be able to live and get the nutrition we need. Is this bad? No not at all. But what is happening since the 20th century is that human beings get the power to keep animals in small cages and feed them whatever we want and then kill them after they are being well fed and ready to be slaughtered. This is creating a lot of trouble for a couple of reasons.

One is that calves don’t see their mothers or family, they are being put away bye their family from birth. This is unimaginable when this is being done to human beings. Have you ever seen a baby being put away in a cage just to be eaten away bye cows?

Two is that the amount of food that is being used to feed animals is enormous. With all that food we could already feed 3.5 billion people a year. So we put it into animals so that they can be well-fed and be used as meat which will be eaten away bye humans anyway.

Third is that we human beings kill over 200.000.000 animals a day. I will repeat that, we human beings kill over 200 million animals a day. That is freaking much. And still we don’t begin to shake in our minds like maybe we are doing something weird or wrong?

Allright so we are playing like gods to keep animals alive and feed them and only kill them after a certain age but come on who wouldn’t do that for such a delicious stake or piece of chicken?

I can eat meat all day.

Of course this is not what I am supporting to eat meat all day. That would be unethical to do so. So I invite you to eat less meat a week. That can be 2-3 instead of 5-7 days or 0-2 days instead of 2-3 days a week to start with. Then you can decide to skip meat all together.

I myself am trying to eat less meat a week. It’s like 0-2 times most of the times now and some weeks 2-3. So that will reduce a lot of food and water that is being used to feed animals and a lot of torture to keep animals in small areas which makes them feel bad, extremely bad.

So bye eating less meat the industry won’t go away or stop producing well-baked meat, but it will shrink over time if every single human being is buying less and less meat and starts buying more meat from farmers who let their animals walk around freely and feed them well instead of farmers who kill the chickens that don’t matter and put the chickens who do matter into small cages where they are being cut off from their family.

So you overall you as a human being are not bad when you eat meat. The total web of human beings eating meat in such a way that they are being cut off from their families is evil. It is like hitler who wanted to ramp out the whole of human beings who didn’t matter to him. It is the same what he did to Jews, Gays, Negro’s as we are doing to animals. We put them in cages and burn them alive.

Over 50 years we look back and see that we were wrong. Completely wrong.

But new food needs to be in the market to switch from meat to biological meat or meat replica’s to a lot of plant-based food so that we get more efficiency, healthier diets and less animal torture.

The only way I can help reduce the meat consumption is bye sharing you this post and making you aware of the meat industry. It is ahumane, believe me it really is. We only begin to realize the impact of it step bye step.

It is like a black page in human history. It really is.

So for this post I end up with inviting you to eat less meat. Only then there is some peace possible.



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