Dealing with bad people

Have you ever had the case that you should have done something or that you did something but didn´t want to say something about it because you are afraid of the outcome or what people think of you, or that you just don´t want anybody to know what you have done.

Well I myself had that a couple of times when I was a child for not listening to my parents or doing things that were bad. I have been raised in a way that I got to know when I did something that is bad through agressive feedback. It gave me a sense of knowing about what was good or wrong. (it also went over into thinking some things are bad while they are very small and really childlilke so not always that bad at all)

Know I am much older wiser I see for myself which things are truly bad and which things aren’t. Of course the older you get the more difficult or complex the bad things can be but there is a certain field of agreement around things that are truly bad.

For example:

  • someone raping someone else
  • someone hurting someone else
  • someone killing someone else

These are some real examples of what is seen as bad. I totally agree with society about these things being bad. No matter who someone is or what he does, when you commit a crime you deserve to be punished.

Unfortunately, there are also things people do which are not being punished for that they are not acts that are visibly seen bye people and most of the times not treaten as something that should be stopped or punished. It are more psychological ways people use to confront someone or to misuse someone else in order to get what they want. Some of these traits are as follow:

  • avoiding responsibility
  • manipulating other human beings
  • wanting to control others
  • calling names to someone

In society most of these traits are being taken care of but some are not. Especially avoiding responsibility can be like blaming all others for things you have done while you should be dealing with the outcomes for what you have done yourself. Or people that manipulate you to get something they want. This might be small but also on a bigger scale where people manipulate, control and misuse you so that they get what they want. We see them in businesses, daily life or at sports. Just everywhere where social interaction is happening.

What I want to say is that these traits of ways to misuse people are in my eyes totally bad for that it has nothing to do with humanity or being humane to each other but more to do with selfishness, low empathy and a killer instinct in dealing with human beings.

I hope people notice that these traits are in every single human being but the way you act in life determines your life course and I know many people with the traits of selfishness, low empathy and a killer instinct are there in daily life getting what they want while others are just seen as their puppets to play or deal around with.

Not everywhere you will see this but some businesses or places there exists an unhealthy way of treating other humans beings in a certain way.

If you want to avoid being used bye such people you can begin to look for ways to avoid them or to get to know yourself so that you know how to distance yourself from people who hurt, manipulate or only use you for their own good.

I know many people suffer from these psychological happenings and I hope that I can give some information that might help you to overcome yourself so that you can deal with such people.

note: I leave psychological illnesses or labels away for that it is not where I want to focus on. I only try to shine some light on today´s issues in society or life in general.

Feel free to leave a message about your experience with people who did bad things to you or misused you in a way that has an everlasting impact on you in a way you want to stop it and want to take responsibility and do something about it.



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