You know everything you come into contact with has something hidden that can teach you something about yourself, about he or she, it or whatever there is.

As Carl Sagan quotes, ‘Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known’.

Imagine that you are talking to someone and in the midst of the conversation you get an aha-moment which gives you a slight of insight into your reality and the relationship of you and your inner- and outer psychological landscape.

This insight is one of the wonders that can happen in your life.

Out of such an inspiration, such an insight you will want to share something about it and show others what you have found out.

It rises out of curiousity and creativity and makes you leap out of your chair and makes you start doing things you have never done before.

Out of this piece of mind which or the snapshot of the universe which become known you feel the aliveness and beauty of life, right before you in your eyes and being.

Every single being on earth can teach you something, can hint you at something incredible that is waiting to be known.

Please search for the unknown and make it known.

Search for the sacredness in hidden places and come back with soulfood which touches our hearts.

Please keep wondering around and see life as it is, as it truly is.

It is beyond what is known right into the unknown.

There the magic is happening.

Are you ready to touch the unknown?



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