Benefits of philosophy

Many great people who have lived on planet earth did something with philosophy in order to live a meaningful life. What is philosophy and what are its benefits?

Well philosophy is the art of thinking. Thinking critically, logically, envisioning or imagining (there are a lot more but I describe a few for this post). Bye working on your thinking style you learn to know what facts or truth are. You learn to question everything there is.

So bye questioning everything you get answers where possible. These answers generate a lot of benefits. I will name a few benefits of practicing philosophy.

1. Knowledge

Bye questioning everything you receive a lot of answers. All these answers generate bye its outcome or the search for the answer in itself, a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is power they say and that is true. Knowledge gives you the ability to know how things run in life and how you can anticipate with it.

2. Critical thinking

Through questioning everything and thinking about your thinking you learn to think critically which is useful for tackling tough problems or cases. It makes you able to generate new outcomes and to improve already existent philosophies, ideas or processes.

When you can think critically you are sharp-minded and know what is essential to make something happen. You have insight in your own thinking style and are able to steer it into the way you want to.

You actually watch your thoughts and try to focus on the useful thoughts and use critical thinking to know what is what and what you can get out of these analyses of your own thoughts and actions.

3. Insight

From all these questions and answers you will get a lot of insight into the fabric of life, society, human beings, animals, you name it. Insight is a sort of knowing about something you are working on.

It gives you the holy elixer where you can see what reality or life is. A wonderful landscape full of hidden meaning spots that light your life.

Insight can be wonderful. Especially insight into the tragic and wonderful realization of what life is or what it is to be fully human.

4. Curiosity

Out of these insights you will began to hold some curiousity towards further exploration, investigation and questions that arise out of this insight into something you were curious about. Curiosity can help you to overcome trauma, see life from multiple perspectives and lift your life up.

5. Sense of purpose

When you start thinking for yourself you will get a sense of purpose. Your own unique purpose and those of others. You feel important for doing so and feel responsible. This feels good, some hate it for feeling lonely or frightening about life and reality, and some love it. It is your own life situation that determines your worldview. Which can be changed bye conscious thoughts.

That is why it can be one way or another and both lovely and frightening. I think it is healthy to see some craziness in life, some naturality, some amazement, some wonder and some horrors to touch multiple sides. (many options are possible here)

6. Human values

Out of these sides you will see the deep layers of humanity at small and at large. This is forever unending in research, questions, insights and values that are being unraveled. The beauty of being human shines through in several ways.

The dark side of humanity comes through too. That can be frightening but is part of reality, call it truth or life. You should not avoid these topics when they come to surface.

7. Facing the unknown

And last but not least. Philosophy makes you face the unknown. Inside yourself, in the outer world or just in your imagination. You begin to think new thoughts, experience new moments and unravel unseen territories inside yourself and meet new ideas and insights which will touch the unknown.

So philosophy is actually a process which goes on and on and on. Out of this process you get a lot of rewardings. So you are not doing it for nothing. No it really can boost your life.

So are you already doing something like philosophy in your life?



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  1. Dit is op involutiontoday herblogden reageerde:

    Still appreciating this post for that it comprehends one of the big mysteries in life called thinking. Since my heart was broken bye a radical stop in meeting a loved one I started to question reality and so I ended up doing philosphy for many many years. It only went further and deeper than ever before. I do love it and feel glad that I began doing it. Hopefully you enjoy this post or philosophy too. You are free in what you think so this might be an opening towards further optimalization of your life.


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