Vehicle of life

Life is one big mystery that is unfolding itself in little parts which become visible to our eyes.

Right in front of you life opens up and teaches you some lessons.

Take these lessons and never take them for granted. They teach you some important life lessons.

So what is life and what to do about it?

Life is one big vehicle that drives action from inaction. Passion from restlessness. Beauty from shapelessness. Form from formlessness.

It is one big train that is driving into new domains where you will experience life in multiple beams of light.

Imagine that everybody is part of this vehicle and moving at different speed levels. All moving along and towards each other without crashing.

Every single life form is part of it and is part of this vehicle. It is massive, huge and mysterious. Nobody can see it, only measure it and think about it.

It is like one big galaxy moving on and on. One big train moving on and on. One big rollercoaster moving on and on.

After a certain amount of distance you go over into death. A place of non-being, non-existence. Fueling up in the sky, the universe, inside dark matter. Waiting for the new trip to pass on.

Where are you at?

Joining the vehicle of life and death?

Being reborn out of this vehicle?

Seeing life at different speed and levels?



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