Be valuable

Society is all about human value. Profit is equals to the created value that has been created. You yourself can do that on your own or with other people, in a business or in a organisation. The created value becomes profit. Not only in money but in human connections, human value and meaning too.

There is personal value and collective value. Personal value helps you to gain trust, get respect and feel good in one’s skin.

Collective value is the outcome of processes, products and human values.

Bye becoming your truest self you help yourself to be ready for real tough life experiences. These challenges are part of your journey here on earth.

So you don’t need to work for a boss to get value. No you yourself are valuable just the way you are.

Be it bye helping to create value in society, bye expressing yourself through music, art, or written language or that you run an own company that helps people to get running in life.

Actually it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep focusing on value, not on money.

Money comes out of value. But value not out of money.

So be smart and work on yourself where you get more and more valuable and useful for many different journeys, goals or passions.

Search in yourself what you want to happen and transmute that into this world. Into this matrix called society, life or the human web.

I wish you luck and hopefully you get what you want in life.



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