Survival of the fittest

Nature is about evolution, the survival of the fittest. Every form of life is doing his or her best to survive. How? Bye adapting to the environment and gather energy out of food and plants.

The animals who cannot adapt fast enough die out. Natural selection takes place.

When animals can survive they start to expand and search for new territories. Just like ants move underground we humans move above the ground and search for new territories. Human beings have mapped out the whole of planet earth. Ants move everywhere on earth. Every country there are ants.

So they too are present around the whole planet. Quite amazing to realise that these insects are moving everywhere you go. They can survive easily for that their societies work efficiently and productively.

Human beings are also everywhere on planet earth. They take energy out of earth resources and the sun. Societies work efficiently and productively. The human web is connected to every place on earth.

Quite amazing too.

Food is being transported bye cars and trucks.

For ants food is being transported bye ants themselves.

They build structures to live in.

You see that ants are actually very similar to human beings. Only one big difference is that human beings can create technologies and evolve beyond their normal capacity. Ants only use already existing things and use that to build stuff. They don’t have technologies.



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