I write a lot about what I think and feel. It’s my sacred way of being and sharing myself to others so that they can know me for real. I cannot live without writing anymore. It is my soul food. Please don’t ever give it up because many need your words to feel alive or guided into the right direction. Don’t ever stop for that you are worthy. Let no one tell you what to do. Not even someone who is more intelligent, famous or smart. No only you yourself know what is good for you. Don’t let you be hintered bye others for that you don’t know where they are coming from or are trying to do. Only you yourself can solve your souls problems. Stick to them and watch it closely. It is your most valuable asset. Self knowledge and knowing thyself. So please go on and don’t look back. Go on and never forget. You are worthy and loved by many. Go on and feel no regret.



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