Psychological freedom

I hear so many people about leaving the Rat Race and getting some real freedom.

I enjoy this idea very much but I think it will not happen for everybody.


Because many lack the urge or responsibility to own your own life.

To decide yourself what you can do with life.

Of course you can leave your job, leave your house and just travel around the world but even then you will be left with yourself, you and your thoughts, you and other people.

You cannot escape your own mind.

That’s why I don’t cheerish to only go traveling for that won’t solve your psychological problems.

No depression, mental illness or psychosis can be cured bye only going to another country.

The thing is that you have to be willing to work on yourself, your worldview, your root of depression, your fears, your psychological wires in your mind, your belief systems.

Only when you tap into that inner world you will feel real freedom for that freedom is a sense of having no problems.

When you solve your own problems bye working on yourself and your karma you can detach and attach to whatever you want to believe.

Then you will start to feel free wherever you go and from that moment you cannot be limited again.

No you will break free from every restricted area that tries to steal your inner freedom.

Become dangerous whenever you come into contact with such a place or people.

Sharpen your mind and begin with self-mastery.

That path is the ultimate path towards inner freedom.

Do you want to start with that journey, follow me on WordPress and hopefully you can join me on this trip.



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