Education and intelligence

I feel so drawn to writing about education that I will do that now.

What is education and what is intelligence?

Well education is a system that enables someone to learn something and get competent for its primal function, namely to do something useful for society and humanity.

Intelligence is something that is everywhere in the universe but human beings can possess this too.

There are multiple sorts of intelligence. The use of intelligence can be to invent new things, understand complex stuff, be talented in sports or music, come up with new scientific theories or have a high emotional well-being.

So education is something that is designed to make people useful in society in order to serve humanity and to evolve with time that passes bye.

Intelligence is the gear that makes education easier to go through. The more intelligent you are the more complex the education can be and you could still be able to meet up this new level of education.

So you can be intelligent without actually following education.

It might also be that you are educated but not very intelligent.

It all depends on how you use education and intelligence.

You could say that being educated and intelligent is a good combination. It is the right mixture to meet up with societies expectations or be able to serve humanity in a profound way.

I myself see that education as it is nowadays is lacking some clear sight or vision. Everybody gets the same education in school and it does not get the best out of every student. It is far from complete or useful.

A lot of potential is missing due to the mainstream way of educating the people.

No matter how intelligent you are, if it is not moving you in an inspirational way you will fail for that you cannot spend all your attention to something that doesn’t match with your way of being and seeing life as it is.

That’s why you should start owning your life and think for yourself for that only education as it is nowadays is not enough to deal with life turbulences and obstacles. You need to do more.

When you start to do more bye yourself you can see that the schooling system is not working very well..

You’ll see that people really want to do their best but not in the way it is right now.

I can only say that it is very beneficial to think for yourself and build the society as you want it to so that future generations can have true education and use their intelligence in a useful way.

Hopefully you are getting on track and see your life unfolding before you in a way that boosts your life.

Know that no one finds his true purpose bye always succeeding.

No you will fail a lot of times. But don’t see it as failing but as learning.

You are a student of life and will learn as long as you can for that keeps you sane and healthy.

Now go on and don’t look back.

Go and never come back.



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