Homo sapiens destiny

We humans are so fragile yet the most deadliest species alive here on planet earth.

We destroy many many species of animals.

We have come far on the evolutionary timeline.

We are conscious beings and feel like God’s here on earth.

Yet we depend so much on the outer world that we cannot push nature into the way we want to.

Nature will take its course and we have to adapt to it.

Yes that is the only way possible to survive.

If we survive at least.

Only one deadly virus could kill all human beings.

One meteorite can wipe out all life on earth.

That being said, I think we should be grateful to have come so far and embrace our existence completely as it is.

We are billions of years of evolution walking around on planet earth and thinking about the future.

It’s wonderful and fragile at the same time.

What will happen to us, to the rest of species and to the planet?

We don’t know.

So let’s hope for the best, that we may survive, here on planet earth.

That we can meet aliens.

That we can become a multiplanetary species.

That we can travel at the speed of light.

That we can become immortal.

Most of it could be possible according to physics so why not move towards that future.

Hopefully it will work out.

My blessings to all life on earth.



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