Architects of life

The human brain is the engine of the human mind, body and spirit. Every day all your cells (billions of cells) are replaced bye new ones.

Your brain has two sides. Namely left and right. The opposite sides of the brain regulate the movement of your left and right body.

A research with brain scans shows that the decision making of human beings feels like you are doing it yourself while it is actually your brain doing it. Only you become aware of what your brain made up a few nanoseconds before.

I know this sounds strange and unfamiliar but it has to be said that free will is not there. When you zoom in you see neurons firing and biochemical reactions that guide your decisions. It is even shown bye patients whose connection between the left and right hemisphere is cut off that both sides react differently to questions and images.

When your left side doesn’t know an answer to a question about a choice that is being made bye the other side, your brain will come up with an answer which is just made up to make the answer fit.

This gives a lot of questions about the self, free will and the soul for that the more research is being done the more it looks like your brain is making things up.

Your environment affects your body and mind. Pictures, sounds and movements influence your behavior and actions.

Human beings are the architects of the desires and actions of all the human beings on earth.

Isn’t that cool and strange at the same time? We humans control our desires and outcomes bye what we create.

Hopefully the architects of life are in good hands so that creativeboosting transcendent spaces can be made and dimm out human suffering.

I hope you have some eye opening thoughts about this. I did and I think it gives you more perspective about what your brain is and does. And how society affects your behavior. It is a short summary of thoughts I have and I hope it is clear to the point that everything in life is correlated to our thoughts and actions and that gives a lot of freedom in thinking about what can be done.

The only thing is that the idea of free will is getting removed away bye neuroscientists who see where it is coming from. Hopefully you can accept that idea and see that it is not that bad at all.



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