Judge less, be more

When someone is quiet it does not mean he or she is not doing well.


It might be that someone looks perfectly fine on the outside while he or she is not doing well.

The task is to judge less and understand more.

When you truly listen to someone you can decipher what is going on and as a result make a good conversation or connection.

Why is this important to truly listen?

Because too many times people make judgements about someone else which are false and just not hitting the real problem or situation.

This causes a lot of pain and stress for people who feel misunderstood and being judged in the wrong way.

Can you imagine what is feels like when someone’s says things about you which aren’t true and make you feel even worse than before.

My advise for people who make these judgements is to truly listen and don’t make quick judgements which can be harmful.

For people who get criticised for being themselves I want to make you know that these people don’t know themselves and judge you because they don’t know differently.

They are stuck in certain frameworks or perceptions which are not always good.

Try to understand yourself so that you don’t have to cling on to the opinion of others.

Have a good flight into 2020 and don’t let anyone tell you who you are.

You will find out yourself.



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