Netflix, Youtube, TV, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it.

We consume everyday so much media it is uncountable.

Every time we watch our phones, TV or facebook we are consuming stuff.

Pictures, texts, stories, programs.

Just a lot.

It makes you feel like you want more.

More consuming, more eating, more more more.

But does this make you happy?

Slightly it may be.

But it also makes us numbed down, fearful and restless.

Only when you start creating you will feel restfull.

When you create art, write, do sports, do research, creating something new, even if it is working for something you will feel restfull, blessed and meaningful.

Make the balance in a way that you create more than you consume.

That will make you happy.

Consuming more than creating makes you anxious. It really does.

So as a New Year’s Resolution I say is to make more and consume less (at leat wisely).

Be Blessed.


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