Psychotherapy is the process of reschooling your own psyche, your psychological wirings. You can do this bye seeking out a psychotherapist, or bye starting on your own. Psychotherapy can be used bye looking at your thoughts, behavior and beliefsystems. It is sort of alchemy, transforming elements and substances. You can systematically change your thoughts and habits bye interfering, asking questions and deciding to think differently.

I think mindfulness is a self help psychotherapy which you can access wherever you are. You don’t need a therapist to begin with. So how do you start doing psychotherapy? Bye observing your thoughts, writing them down or talking to someone about your feelings, emotions, thoughts and habits. Then you need to be ready to change the way you think. To open up your mind to new substances, to new ideas, new ways of thinking. When you do so you are becoming more advanced, more wise, more knowledgeable and smart.

So if you feel like this is something for you, I invite you to try it. Just write down what you feel, honestly, and see for yourself what is going on inside your psyche. Get more and more driven, advanced and become your own master of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Everybody, really everybody can do this. No matter what steps you take, it is all worth it. You only have to begin. Good luck!



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