Welcome into the space inside your cells. The emptiness within. The one true calling of your soul into bliss, deeper truth and resurrection.

How do you go through your days knowing that you are spaciousness inside your cells. The 99,9% empty space that lies within each and every cell? Is this infinite bath of cosmic emptiness the true source of all life forms? Of every planet, star, black hole or every single cell? It is mysterious for that we can never know what lays inside. What we do know is that there is more to life than just the ‘I’, the ego, the self or persona. That there is an infinite emptiness inside us that calls us to meet it.

To be sunbathed into nothingness and get infinite amounts of pleasure, understanding and awe from it. This inner emptiness makes you wake up. Question your own beliefs and reality. It urges you to love yourself and beyond, to become whole, to meet thyself as you are. There lies the power of true healing, of true empowerment of true awakening. Follow it. No matter how many times you get lost, you will find this point of nothingness again and again. Getting new lessons every now and then. No moment is the same. It is temporarily. Meet it, touch it, be it as you will.



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