You know I think confidence comes from knowing yourself. When you know what you are thinking about you won’t be surprised bye your words that come out. It boosts self-confidence in a way you know what is coming and that you stand behind it with a fully hundred percent.

Many people will tell you things. Some hate you for being you. Some lie to you for them being unreal. Some call names to you to try to comprehend you which they are not capable of with the vocabulary they have.

So describe yourself in a way that touches your complexes and deeper truths so that you know from the deepest knowing that you are fine. That everything will be okay. That you are fine just the way you are..

All the nonsense made up bye others will only scratch the surface and try to grasp you. I can tell you, they can’t and will never know you or get to you unless they are real, honest, kind and truthful to themselves and others.

So if you want confidence, start exploring yourself and be confident in what you are.

I can promise you it works.

I have been very insecure during my youth. I really thought I wouldn’t survive life when I got older.

Well I made it out alive and feel a lot more confident in my own skin. I appreciate myself and others a lot more than ever before and that will only grow as long as I stay real to myself and others.

Of course you will feel like dying along the road but the new rebirths will make you a lot more strong and confident.

So be blessed my dear.



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