There are no rules in life

Society, religion or institutions, they all teach you how to live, what to obey and what to listen to.

If you do not obey you are seen as a rebel, insane or having a psychological disorder.

They cannot control you through words, actions or movements.

You are ununderstandable, not easy to put into words for that you are unique.

Only when this happens you know that these old fallacies are falling apart.

Man has been split into an inner- and an outer man. There is actually both. Not one side. No both sides.

Consciousness, awareness and religion from within.

Science from without.

Only when these two are connected one is whole. A new sort of men who can live life to the fullest.

Who is rich from inside and can share it with others.

Who is rich from outside and can celebrate it from within.

Once you know that all the rules that are being layed down on you are brought up bye people who lived before you and wanted to control everything, you can start to undo yourself from all these restrictions.

You are not to be put a slave of the system. No you have to cut out everything that pushes you down, disrespects you, makes you unalive or restricted.

Start finding your own truth and abandon the old restrictions of the old world. Let it die so that a new world can be born.

You decide with your consciousness what the new world will look like.

Please be humble, rich and loving to all.

This will create peace and harmony here on earth.

Abandon hell and create heaven and beyond, here on this beautiful planet called Earth.







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