The need of suffering

I am suffering from time to time.


Because life throws me obstacles and challenges that I have to overcome.

To suffer is to dive deep, to learn and to prepare yourself for a battle.

A battle with your own shadow.

A battle in or with your mind.

A struggle with people.

A struggle with a happening like death, trauma or a major setback.

You see in order to grow you need to suffer. Although how hard you suffer depends on yourself.

Choose wisely how deep to suffer and how it affects you.

Yes it is okay to suffer, maybe even necessary but that does not mean to shut yourself up, to live like a hermit or to go travel the world for as long as possible.

No it’s about learning to live with suffering, obstacles and setbacks.

That will make you feel alive, experience gratitude and make some growth out of it.

Only those who suffered tremendously experience the greatest heights.

So are you dealing with something right know and are suffering because of it?

Learn to accept it. That it’s a part of life and that in the long run it will help you become more human and thankful for what you have.

If it takes over your whole life you may want to talk about it with someone else for that may release a bit of pressure.

Learning how to cope with stress in a healthy way will make your life more worth living for.

It will teach you things you would not know without suffering.

So be glad you are able to experience it.



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