Self realization

Self-realization is to realize oneself. To be completely at ease with who and what you are.

The piramid of Maslow describes it as the highest need there is.

The needs are as follows:

Physiological, Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem and above all Self realization or Self actualization.

How do you realize yourself and when is it done?

Well first of all you can try to accept every part of yourself that makes you you. This sounds easy but naturally we judge ourselves and this causes harm and pain. Try to let go and accept your fears. Don’t try to push them away but learn to cope with it in a healthy way. There are multiple ways to cope with anxiety or stress through exercising, painting, meditating, making music, writing or something that asks creativity.

Second you can try to become aware of what people say to you. They mirror your psychological wiring in a way that if you see what they say you see what you are doing or saying. Let’s say someone says to you that he wants to help people. When you listen to it you can reflect it on yourself and realize that you want to do that too. If you do that with every conversation you have you will become more fulfilled and confident about what you are and want. It shows you what your innermost being wants to do. Listen to it and it will guide you towards your own life journey.

Third you can try to learn something new. Read about philosophy, psychology, spirituality or whatever makes you grow. When you read you are reliving and integrating someone else’s life and his or her knowledge and wisdom. So it’s advisable to learn as much as possible, not too much for that you may become overwhelmed, and become more knowledgeable. The more knowledge you have the more you can understand yourself and ultimately the world. It’s very rewarding to understand yourself. That’s why it is the highest need there is.

As last you can learn to trust yourself. When you trust yourself life becomes a flow where you have ups and downs. Bye trusting yourself you are able to go with the flow and still walk your own path. You will be able to feel fulfilled and be like an own companion of yourself that gives you trust, confidence and self realization.

So to realize yourself you can do many things to reach that goal. Know that true self realization is an never ending process. Learn to think and behave in a way that you try to be more self realized. It will boost your life forever. Every step you make will be worth it. So I wish you succes and hope you can be the best of what you already are.

Are you ready to meet your own true potential?



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