God is alive

I am God’s creation. God created me and I admire God.

God in every atom, every cell and every being that is alive.

God is alive and death is just an illusion. When you die your whole being is transformed from flesh to bones to ashes to dust.

You are transformed into different parts of nature. Nature is always on. It never stops.

Even when you are sleeping you are active. It’s never passive. You can be passive but even then you are actively thinking, being or reflecting.

It’s always going on. It never stops. That’s what the universe does.

God is the universe. God does not rest. He is always creating, harmonizing reflecting and changing.

It never stops.

It is always on.

Before and after the big bang, God shines through.

Even in the dark God is alive for that God does not die.

He changes from structure, form or being.

But God can never die.

It is in pure harmony with all that is alive.

It brings together stars and planets to make place for life to shine.

It explodes from stars to stardust. From stardust to stars.

God is in every dimension, God is multidimensional.

When you talk to God you talk to yourself.

When you hear God you hear yourself.

You are God and God is you. There is no seperation. Only in your mind. And your mind can be blind.

Let pure creation come through, pure creativity, the source of everything and life will be blissful.

Let this force guide you through, hell, deep suffering, and let it be your savior.

To come out alive, refreshed and anew.

To live to your fullest potential.

But don’t dream too hard for that these dreams may keep you down for not reaching them.

Become superrealistic and dream the future of what will be.

Then you will shine for that the future belongs to you. To God. To every form of life.

To be blessed and shine.



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