Therapy as a hobby

For me writing or making art is therapy.

When I write I speak to my soul, mind and body in a way that is making me take action. To take back control over your life and make the best of it. To create your own worldview wherewith you see the best of everything. From advanced technology to highly creative and skilled individuals.

When you begin to see that your worldview determines your thought processes which navigate you through life, then you will start to think whatever you want to think in a way that helps you to become more evolved, stronger, richer and more lovely.

Everything is possible, you only have to dare to dream and think big. It is not a lie that when you think big you will get along further in life than when you think small and dreamless. Realize that you are powerful.

A conscious creator who can make magic happen. Not like teleportation or timetravel but true transformation of your consciousness. Do you want to start to become who you want to become? Read about self transformation and get ready to go. Just begin with one step like writing, making art, meditating or exercising and see what will happen.

Once your spark is on you will find it out yourself what you have to do. You inner voice knows what it wants, but it’s never a clear path to follow. It speaks in the moment. Only now and then when you are ready. So get along with yourself and see how your life will change for the benefit of all.



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