Transformation process

I am grateful for everything that I have accomplished and went through. It has been a long and difficult journey with many ups and downs. I have been writing this since I first had a psychosis in my birthplace Almelo.

It was a tough time where I had a lot of thoughts and turbulent feelings inside myself.

When I look back at myself in that time I see pain and a lot of growth. I totally transformed myself bye the kandulani energy from within. It’s a tough process and breathtaking. It takes all your conscious and precious attention so that you become a real evolved being.

I am glad to have experienced such a death and rebirth but I have to say that it was not funny or pleasurable. Quite the opposite. It was frightening and knowledgeable.

Because I went deep down the rabbit hole I learned all those hidden messages in every word people say or write.

It is like you get in touch with all the ancient wisdom hidden inside our spoken and written language.

It is quite amazing to reach depth out of surface stuff. There are more layers to everything you get in touch with. When you see the lesson or wisdom inside it you become a magician who is able to transform reality towards these hidden dimensions.

It’s something writers teach the readers bye sharing inside information which can’t be told but only realized.

That is the power of all the religions, spirituality and secret wisdom.

To know oneself fully and get in touch with hidden dimensions so that you can fold open like a butterfly.

It is really an amazing process. But not for everyone. No you have to be ready to experience such a journey. You have to suffer deeply to get in touch with this inner vision. This inner guide who is stormblazing you into the deep secrets of the universe.

Every real poet or scientist knows this. For that true science is the search for truth inside all the chaos out there.

What do you want to become or experience so that you will find your inner vision yourself?

I think that when you read this you are already on your own journey. You already have experienced great suffering and great depth. You only need to be reminded of who and what you are. That is good. I need that myself too.

For that if I forget who I am I get lost and depressed but when I keep reminding myself of who I am I become powerful and energetic. The last one is the way to go.

No matter how depressed you have been you can always decide to shine some light. To become your best version. You fullest version. And walk through the universe towards your own created journey and inspire and help others to do so too.

Thank you for reading this. Blessings to you all. Precious beings out there.



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