Sensors get more sensitive. The wind becomes silent. The ground feels stable. Something is there coming to the forefront. It is the darkness which harnesses everything.

From life to death. From death to life. In between are moments full of depth. From the heart to the soul. From the soul to the heart. It is never ending. It is touchless. Feelless. But true and harmonious.

It flows like the wind. Like a wave in the ocean. A moment of doubt. Of suffering. Waiting to be over. To get released from tension. Right into the abyss. To flow like the waters before it becomes bliss.

No man can stand strong without the woman aside. No man can find true love without his feminine side. No you can’t be whole while staying dualistic. You have to mix up to get the precious gift of wholeness.

Die and see. Live and die. You will get the point along the way. Don’t say goodbye to the past. Say hi to your natural high.

Launching you into the deep hole, the rabbit hole. To come out alive. Woke. Full of life. Full of bliss. That’s the way to go. That is the light in the darkness. That is the soft dark coat which warps itself around you.

Feel it. Touch it. And become it. For that the darkness is your true essence. Out of the darkness light emerged. Let it be. And be free.



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