Nature is wonderful

When I look very focused at my cup of coffee, I begin to see the water bubbles and the way the cream is wavering above the surface.

It gets me into a sort of trance where I wonder what the universe looks like. It is like I am watching a large galaxy or multiple galaxies floating in the big oceanic universe.

When I look at my microscopic cup of coffee I imagine the large universe and how it moves and behaves.

It is about sharpening your senses.

To truly see nature as it is.

We think we know how it looks like until we truly begin to see it.

Do you see all the details of nature around you?

Can you focus on a cup of coffee for so long that it begins to come alive?

Don’t you see these miraculous happenings of nature?

It is truly godlike it truly is.

It never stops and always goes on.

Imagine your body and how all the organs inside you are working together to make life possible.

Your heart that keeps beating and your lungs that keep breathing.

It is truly wonderful to realize God’s harmonious gospel that is playing cosmological music which moves everything there is.

Don’t you get curious about nature when you think or look at it?



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