Creating meaning

I think a lot.

That does not mean I am anxious or that I know things.

It is just that I try to comprehend the universe, my life, work, school or free time.

I search for meaning inside everything.

When I find meaning I become obsessed and want to move on and make it better.

I truly zone out to accomplish that which I think is important.

Are you having something in your life that seems important to you?

Do you want to get everything out of it?

Do you want to work everyday on that which seems impossible to do but you do it anyway?

Are you a true seeker?

If you said yes on most of these questions you are fighting for something important.

Know that you are a human being and you pushing boundaries makes others feel like you can only focus on that which you think is important.

Just keep going but know that one day you can show them your results and they will understand what you have been working for.

It will work out.

Know that.

Not everyone will follow you along the road but in the end everyone wants to be with you (again).

Focus on the ones that stay and give them credit for the results too.

Now go.

And don’t look back.

Go and don’t hesitate to look back.

Go and never come back.



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