Mastering your thoughts

You see every single human being can have awful scattering or fearful thoughts. These thoughts might cause you to suffer or makes you feel like you want to hurt or sabotage someone else.

Know that you are not these thoughts. For as long as you don’t identify with them you are not your thoughts. You are your actions which need allowance from you who is the director of your life. Don’t think that you are all the thoughts that come and go inside your head.

Learn to observe your thoughts whether pleasant or unpleasant and try to understand where they are coming from. If you cannot see where they are coming from it is okay. Just try to not identify with your thoughts.

That is changing from ‘oh my God I am jealous’ to ‘hey I feel jealous, why is that so’? You see when you change your behavior towards your thoughts you change your way of thinking.

When you learn to have open questions inside your head you begin to see that you are not your thoughts but you do have influence on them and how they evolve inside you. Just like I said before when you go from thinking that you are jealous towards the realization that you have jealous thoughts, you can go and make a decision.

One way is to identify with being jealous and listen to it in a way you want to stalk someone, hate someone for not giving you enough attention or even insulting someone just because you are jealous. You might end up with acting in a way that causes harm or conflict in your life which will not be beneficial.

The other way is to say okay I feel jealous but I don’t see a reason to be so. So let’s try to go on with life and whenever I experience these jealousy thoughts I will not act on it and try to stay myself in the way I want to be.

In this way you take your power back and make clear decisions in your evolution or involution of your thoughts.

The way you feed your thoughts and what do you do with them is the key to happiness or self-empowerment.

All these actions shape your personality so be smart and choose your actions wisely for that they interact with your thoughts and your thoughts interact with you.

Always remember that everybody experiences some of the most unwanted thoughts there are. The difference between the people who still feel good about it and someone who suffers tremendously is around the identification with your thoughts.

So keep a mind on your thoughts and decide which one you will feed and act on and which one you will let go and forget about.

I hope you will come along further.

To empower yourself and get the life you want.



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