Children of the future

You should give someone a comfortzone and simultaneously train them to be comfortable going out of that comfortzone so that he or she can go wherever he or she wants to go.

In a way he or she won’t be lacking in self-trust or self-confidence and is still human enough to be gentle and respectful.

To every single human being out there.

No matter what happens.

That is my ideal way of educating a child.

I hope, if I will be a dad, to be like that.

To raise a child with the greatest love and care so that it can blossom and live freely and happily.

But also able to be able to handle conflict and pain.

Without delusion and totally realityproof.

I know this may sound too perfect but I truly believe it is possible.

And if not, it is worth trying for that our hope is in our children and they decide what the future looks like.

The way we treat planet earth, animals, humans and themselves.

It is all too important to leave to chance.

We have to carefully raise our children and prepare them for a tough life.

A tough but rewarding life.

Where love is the way to go.

Technology is still developing.

Wisdom is more common.

And animals have gotten rights too.

The children of the future need resilience in a world where many unexpected things can happen.

They need to be truly human and strong.

Able to unite and forgive each other.

For a greater and more peaceful future.

I pray for the children of the future.

I believe in you.



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