The will of the people

As everyone in the world is waiting for the results of the election in the United States, I begin to think about the meaning of politics and what its limits are.

To begin with politics is to talk about society and the people who live in it. So is a democracy, as Socrates states it, about the will of the people.

So when politicians, or in this case a president is talking, they get votes from the people who think that he or she will help to make his needs come true.

In one way that is true for that topics like healthcare, taxes, financial payments or even pension are set up or changed bye the actions of the politicians, president and all the other people who are part of it, the government (differs per country where you live in).

But on the other hand it has its limitations. For that no politician or president can help you with your personal life. No matter who you vote for, you are always responsible for your own mind, body and spirit.

There is no politician or president who will give you ‘holy’ information about life. You have to figure that out yourself, through living, reading or talking.

A politician or president can say things that relate to your worldview, ideas or opinions about the planet, people and society.

But he or she cannot help you with your psychological needs which come from you, your friends and family and the way you deal with lifes obstacles, downfalls, accomplishments and pitfalls.

No you cannot put your psychological health in the hands of a politician or president. You have to take responsibility for it yourself. Only then you can decide what you want. What you truly need.

And not, believing in a politician or president who will save you from conflict with yourself, other people or the government.

I do not say that the country where you are born in, or the people you meet, cannot affect your chances in life or the way you are treated.

But I do say that no matter what happens, no matter who, or whoem are talking for your country, and indirectly for you, he or she cannot save your ass.

Of course things will get better when there is less war, less hatredness, less unrightful laws or actions.

But that comes from people who stay true to themselves and take action.

Not someone talking for the people and pointing fingers to others and doing nothing in the long run that benefits you and the world at large.

Only you yourself can define yourself, become peaceful and happy.

No outer being or event will do that for you.

Only you can do something about it.

I know it is not easy and life can be hard but why are there so many cases that show that people can live up to their true potential, follow their dreams and become happy, although they had everything against them in life.

The real ‘American Dream’ is like a buddha who becomes infinitely rich from nothing but meditation.

Just search inside yourself and people and not in materialistic things or things the ‘ego’ wants.

The ‘ego’ is always anxious and never fulfilled.

Your soul is.

Become in tune with your silence and become in peace with yourself.

But know that the road is long, maybe as long as you live, but after overcoming yourself you will be rewarded bye the universe and that will never stop.

Some call it bliss and some call it God.

Decide that for yourself and be ready.

To change.

To truly live.

To embrace yourself.

To love.

To practice compassion.

To put your ‘ego’ aside from time to time.

To practice gratitude.

And to never give up.

I believe you can do it.

Do you?



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