10 reasons why you should stop crying

Hi Earthling,

In this post I want to tell you 10 reasons why you should stop crying. Know that this is based on personal experience and not on actual facts or science. I do know that for some people it might help to overcome fear or trauma.

So let’s head right to the 10 reasons why you should stop crying:

1. Crying makes you vulnerable

2. Crying reliefs stress

3. Crying makes you able to feel more and think less

4. Crying brings you back to your true self

5. Crying makes you feel relieved

6. Crying makes you more compassionate to yourself and others

7. Crying from time to time enables you to deal with tough situations

8. Crying is a free action from which you get healing abilities

9. Crying gives you more insight into your stress and trauma

10. Crying is the most safe way to re-experience your traumatic experiences

So as you see, crying is one of the most useful methods to deal with stress and trauma. Why? Because you feel your true feelings and are able to go through it. It brings clarity and a sense of healing because your tears are a form of true compassion towards yourself and others.

From my personal experience I used to shut down my feelings and avoid crying. I was raised in a way that I was punished for bad behavior and when I tried to cry I got punished even harder. So I learned to stop crying and don’t show any feelings at all. I can tell you that the older I got the more I thought I had control over my feelings.

Until a few years ago when I got a psychoses and everything went down, right into an existential crisis. It was a nightmare. And the trickiest part is that I felt nothing. My body shut down because it was all too much.

Well after years of recovering and going through the pain and trauma I noticed that I could feel again. I wanted to feel again so badly that I learned to cry again. That was not bye reading one article about it and be able to cry again. No…

I had to work on myself. Not to get better but to trust and forgive myself. To look in the mirror and say, ‘I am worthy and I am human’, with these words I realised that I had become too rational and distant from my true feelings.

So after years of building self-trust and self-acceptance I can cry again. I can tell you, it feels great and I feel proud about it. Why? Because now I can re-experience traumatic experiences and feel through it. When I read or see something hurtful I begin to cry. I accept it now and see that it is very human to do so.

So if you think crying is not okay, think again. It is one of the most useful functions a human can have to heal themselves. Know that if you are stressed or traumatized that it takes time and effort to be able to cry again.

I truly believe it is helpful to cry from time to time. So if you need help, contact me or reach out for help somewhere and be able to trust yourself again. You deserve to feel your true feelings and cry whenever you want to. The world needs more people who dare to cry instead of staying cold and avoiding their feelings. Have a nice day.



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