Life is a game

Since I was a child I have seen life as a sort of game.

A game where you decide how your life will unfold and that every action results in you moving further along your life journey.

Nowadays I can still relate to seeing life as a game.

Especially when it comes down to the discussion about money.

On one hand it is important to have money. Being able to invest in things that sustain your life.

On the other hand it can be limited to only want money.

The reason for that is that money is a tool to be able to decorate your life.

You can buy a house, a car, clothes, food, or other things or services.

But the true essence of a game or life is to play. To become more experienced, to develop skills and to play with other players.

In order to play the game fully you need money. You cannot do all the things you want without money. For that reason you need money.

The only reminder is that money will always be a tool and not the goal.

With money you can buy more qualitative things but what you do with it depends on you yourself.

In a game you play because you like the adventure, to play together or to level up.

In life it is the same.

You live life because you want to experience moments, people and develop skills and accomplish goals or ideas.

When you focus on the play instead of the money you will be much more happy.

So see life as a game and play it the way you want to.

Focus on that which makes you grow and be able to buy things or services that make your life more worthwhile.



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