What was there before the Big Bang?

Have you ever wondered why you are a human and not a snake or a rabbit? Why the earth is orbiting the sun and not the opposite? Why there are frequencies and vibrations in the universe?

Must the creator of life, the universe, god, not be billions of time more conscious than one living human being?

How else would something be able to create an universe so magical and precise?

What can be able to create such an ultra-genius design wherein life is possible and happening bye itself?

I think of a giant multi-connected being that can cooperate with other ultra-genius beings and create whatever they want.

The big question is, what was there before the Big Bang?

I cannot comprehend an answer but I am amazed bye the idea of a possible multiversum or different scenarios about extraordinary versions of existence.

Have you ever wondered what the universe is all about?

I hope you do 🙂



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