The Evolution of Humanity

Human society begins to see its hidden pitfalls and many people realize it. All the conflict and pain that is turning around. It gets tough and intense. Questions like, What should I believe or do? What is wrong with mankind? Or how do I fix this?, might rise up.

For long periods of time social norms were the ideal way of seeing life, treating life and living life. Now the coronapandemic is touching everything there is in society, some old-dated social norms become more obvious. Some old-dated social norms are driven bye fear, survivalmechanisms and ways of keeping certain structures together. Out of this way of thinking comes the ideology that we have to solve every problem there is, that we have to solve conflict bye installizing more securitychecks and harder punishments, that we have to make sure no one does something that might be dangerous and that life should be mainly focused on attacking and defending yourself.

The focus in society now is to make problems so big that politics has to take them into account and solve them right away. The only thing that misses here is that society cannot solve every problem there is. Most solutions take time and don’t happen overnight. Quick solutions for a problem might cause only more problems in the near-future.

What happens today is that the problem gets highlighted bye the media so that it becomes obvious and visible so that everybody can see and understand the problem. The danger in doing so is that when no real solutions are brought into place, everybody who gets to know the problem will be left alone with a problem that might soake them into dark moods or places.

Questions like, How does society deal with problems? How can society deal with real problems and fears?

I think that Albert Einstein stated it rightly and that is that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it in the first place. So to translate it to ourself it’s the task to rise above the problem itself and try to think clearly and creatively so that the highlighted problem can be truly solved.

When humanity realizes that problems cannot be solved bye scientists alone, the pathway in finding true solutions becomes much more complicated. History shows that in every timeperiod there has been, the big world problems were solved bye succesful scientific and technological advancements. These advancements were not brought up in one day, but moreover a lifetime of thousands of different scientists, thinkers and engineers. The breakthroughs were created bye people who thought about one problem for such a long period of time that one day when nobody expected it they transformed the whole structure of society.

We can use the same mindset with the problems in our society today too. That means that thinking patiently, clearly and creatively is necessarry for the evolution of humanity. And I think that that is in alignment with all the important philosophers, scientists and innovaters, for that all evolutionary evolvements come from these important people. They are the guardians of human society and all the important aspects of it.

Humanity forever ❤

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