That one single moment

After long periods of time of suffering I’ve tasted something so profound and beautiful, that I now know what the true salvation to human suffering is.

It is something that binds us all in a way that is so wonderful that everybody will get it.

Something that sparks the light in our souls.

A feeling of being connected to the divine that is being shared through every human being surrounding you.

It is the love you feel when you are together and know that you are living a moment of wonder.

A moment where every thought and emotion is shifted towards love and compassion. When this happens everybody who is there will be transferred into the magical wonders of that one single moment.

A moment so full of love that every depressive thought or feeling begins to heal.

Just in one moment you feel like everything falls into place and know that life is good and beautiful.

That the true essence of love is reminding you of who you are and who your lovely fellow human beings are.

Use that feeling and emotion, to lift your life up, right into bliss, peace and wonder.

I know it is possible, I know it will happen.

Just keep on going, keep on believing and be ready to feel wonderment in every gesture of love that will be ahead on your way.

For now you may rest, dream and prepare yourself for the next moment of depth and love.



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