Idealism getting burdensome ðŸ¤•

I am very idealistic from nature and draw a lot of inspiration from it. It teaches me to keep going and do things that are important to me. When I follow my intuition and idealistic viewpoints I can keep going.

The only downside is that when I get depressed or down my idealistic thoughts become so critical of me that I feel burdened bye my own thoughts. I will doubt everything I do and completely ignore my feelings.

When that happens I have to talk to someone about my thoughts and emotions. When I keep thinking about the idealistic thoughts I can become really burdened bye myself.

So the task for me is to be mindful of my idealistic thoughts and see how they can capture my being in a way that is burdensome.

When I realize that my mind is stuck in idealistic thoughts I can decide to talk to someone or write it down on a piece of paper. That will slow down the high speed thoughts flowing through my mind. When I see what I am thinking about I can become more compassionate about myself and see these idealistic thoughts for what they are.

I hope that if you can relate to these idealistic thoughts that you will find something meaningful in this post. It can be tricky to have these fast idealistic thoughts. The task is to stay mindful of your thoughts so that you cannot be burdened bye it anymore.

I wish you luck with discovering your mind that is taking control over your life.



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